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11th February 2021  •  Laravel

How to embed essential CSS styles with a custom blade directive

Just over a month ago I took the leap and started my own YouTube channel. In this article I share my experience so far and what I've learnt during the process.

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17th January 2021  •  Laravel

Creating a Markdown Driven Blog using Laravel 8

In this post I’m going to walk you through how I created this website using Markdown files with Laravel 8, and why I chose to go that route instead of a blogging platform like Wordpress or Ghost.

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7th January 2021  •  Laravel

How I Deploy My Laravel Website With Envoy

In this article I show you how I deploy this very website using Laravel Envoy - a task running tool that uses blade syntax.

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5th January 2021  •  Laravel

Using Observers in Laravel to perform actions on model state change and clean up your code

Quite often you will need to perform actions when a model is created or changed. Say you have a Posts model, you might want to send notifications of the new post to subscribers, or you might want to notify an admin every time a post is edited.

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