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No Cookie Policy

As explained in this article here, this website doesn't not set any cookies at all.

This means, as you may have noticed, there was no annoying "Accept Cookies" banner when you first visited.

It also means your visit to this site is entirely anonymous. Nothing is tracked that will identify you indidually.

What about stats?

The usual culprit for storing cookies that aren't required for a site to function are those set by a stats service such as Google Analytics.

Obviously I want to see how my site's performing, how visitors find the site, see which posts are popular and what type of content goes down well with visitors.

That shouldn't mean my site has to set intrusive cookies.

And so I looked around for an alternative and found Fathom.

Fathom take privacy very seriously, and their stats service doesn't store any cookies at all. It tracks visitors anonymously so I can see a simple set of stats about my site - visitors, referrals, bounce rate, time on site, country etc.

No cookie policy